Strawberries & Cream Keychain.

Strawberries & Cream Keychain - SECONDS

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Strawberries and Cream ... and Corgli!

  • 2" high (excluding chain)
  • Hard enamel

THIS LISTING IS FOR KEYCHAIN SECONDS! This means they have, at minimum, slight imperfections and therefore are discounted to reflect that. The defects on them may vary.


A: Perfect or nearly perfect pins

B: Slight imperfections that detract from the look and design to a minimal degree


The imperfections across all grades under A are one or more of the following: scratches in the enamel or metal, indentations in the enamel, slight pieces of metal where they shouldn't be, uneven fill of enamel, etc.

Imperfections do NOT include: broken pins that cannot be pinned as usual.

We grade them based on careful examination and a determination by our team on where they fall within the grade system based on overall look and impact of the imperfections. Ultimately, these decisions are based on our team's discretion.

ALL SECOND SALES ARE FINAL SALE AND CANNOT BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED. However, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact us.