Santa Blob 2021 International Orders Info

Santa Blob 2021!

Want a holiday gift from The Blob and you live outside the USA?
Get yourself on Corgli's Christmas list!

Please read ALL the info below before ordering, even if you've participated before! 
Yes, it's a LOT, but it's important stuff to know.


Santa Blob is an annual blobby holiday surprise gift created to offer some holiday joy while raising funds to help cover Corgli & Co operational costs.

Corgli just loves giving gifts... AND surprises! He’s compiling a new gift list for this year and would love for you to be on it!


  • You like blobby surprises. You don't know what it is, but who cares?!
  • You like experiencesWHAT it is... is only half the fun. Being part of it is major.
  • You experience FOMO"Fear of Missing Out" makes you willing to take chances!
  • Corgli & Co everything, please! As long as it's blobby, you're in!
  • You want to get something blobby while supporting Corgli and CC. Santa Blob is one of the biggest ways CC, Corgli, the gang, and The Blob Squad earn money. Most all of Corgli & Co content is free, so Santa Blob is a way for those who enjoy The Blob & Co to support us and keep it coming!


  • Surprises are THE WORST. You like to know WHAT you're getting before you get it.
  • Paying for experiences is a waste of money. Tangible things only, please.
  • You're the Grinch.


  1. Sign up for Santa Blob* by ordering at least one of the three Santa Blob options - Mega, Regular, or Mini. Upgrade any gift size to a PLUS to up your donation and get an additional gift item.
  2. Choosing a PLUS version is a way to increase your donation. Unlike the rest of the gift items, we give you a heads up about what type of gift it’ll be. This year, the PLUS versions include a vinyl stickers!
  3. This is the gift structure for this year: The Mega gift contains all the available 2021 Santa Blob items, while the Mini and the Regular gift contain separate items (there’s one small overlap).
  4. Shipping and special packaging costs are INCLUDED in the total cost.
  5. You must order by 11:59pm central US time on Sunday, October 17, 2021.
  6. Signing up for Santa Blob is a PREORDER. Santa Blob gifts are scheduled to ship mid to late November, but due to issues with international shipping, we cannot guarantee they will arrive at international destinations before December 25th.
  7. If you receive your gift before Christmas, you MUST wait until Dec 25th (or when you typically open all holiday gifts, e.g., Christmas Eve) to open it!
  8. Share a photo from Dec 25th of your gift to the Santa Blob event page (to be created) on Corgli's Facebook, Corgli's Blob Society group. On Instagram, share it by tagging @santablob and by using the hashtag #SantaBlob2021. The more unique and fun the snapshot, the better! :D
  9. NO EARLY SPOILERS OR EARLY REVEALS! If you open your gift BEFORE Dec 25th (US time zones), you MUST wait till Dec 25th before revealing what was inside or sharing any photos. Revealing too early ruins the surprise for others. Failure to follow this rule will result in being banned from future Santa Blob lists! Don't say you weren't warned!



  • All Santa Blob items will be brand new Corgli & Co merchandise. Some items will be available for purchase later, either in the Corgli Store or exclusively at conventions. Other items may be completely Santa Blob exclusive.
  • You may order as many Santa Blob gifts as you'd like, however ordering multiple will mean you’ll receive mostly duplicate items in each Santa Blob. This year, the mini and the regular gifts contain mostly different items, while the mega gift will include everything.
  • Please only order Santa Blob gifts in your order. If you want to order other items, please order those separately and we can look at combining and refunding shipping if it is possible.


  • Santa Blob gifts will be tagged with the name listed on the shipping address. If you order a Santa Blob gift for someone other than the name on the shipping address, please leave a note during checkout to specify the name of the actual gift recipient. Remember the gift is from Corgli, so if you put Uncle Jim, we will only include Jim - they're not Corgli’s uncle!
  • If you order multiple Santa Blob gifts together, all will be tagged to the name on the shipping address UNLESS you specify differently in the notes during checkout. We will NOT be checking with you on multiple Santa Blob orders to confirm recipient names, so please make sure you’re careful when checking out.
  • If you want to order multiple Santa Blob gifts to be shipped to different addresses, please order them separately and specify to who and where in the shipping address.
  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This is a complicated process that involves tons of planning and work, so we cannot cancel orders after the order cut off date.
  • No Santa Blob gifts can be returned. If, however, there are any problems with any of the items, please contact us to discuss. Replacement of damaged or faulty items may or may not be available depending on quantities produced, but we will, of course, make sure you’re taken care of.
  • If your address changes before your Santa Blob ships, please let us know and we will be happy to update your order. We will send an email to check if anything's changed closer to the time. 
  • You will receive an order confirmation email once you order your Santa Blob. If you don't receive one, check your spam folder, or contact us immediately as you may have entered your email address incorrectly.
  • Santa Blob is an experience. After joining, you will receive emails with updates, additional info, and access to an FAQ page. Please utilize the FAQ page to help us cut down the amount of questions we receive via email.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once your Santa Blob ships.
  • Due to international shipping issues right now with COVID-19, we cannot guarantee that your gift will arrive at all, so please note that you are ordering at your own risk.


  • Shipping costs are not included in the gift cost, but will be added on after you order based on the country your gift is shipping to.
  • Your order may be subject to additional customs costs once it arrives in your country. This is not included in the price and is your responsibility to pay if required. Excluding the shipping cost from the gift has been done to reduce the value which may affect customs limits.
  • Due to variations with each country's shipping schedules and delivery within the country, we cannot guarantee that your gift will arrive before December 25th.
  • Shipping costs reflect current rates.

Thanks for understanding why we must have all these "BLAH-bee" rules!

Clicking below & signing up means you have read this entire page and all the details, and acknowledge and accept all Santa Blob 2021 terms and conditions.

That's about it! 

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