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Got a question about Santa Blob? Here are the answers to questions Corgli and the Blob Squad get asked the most. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!!

For general questions and answers about ordering from the blob, check out the FAQ.

For all the original Santa Blob 2022 info, click here.

I ordered a Santa Blob gift, but haven’t received any emails confirming my order.

If you haven’t received an order confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible. There may be a typo in your email address or the order may not have gone through properly. Just let us know and we can check and fix it.

It’s important that we have your correct email address so you can receive order updates and you know when your gifts are on their way to you!

I ordered a Santa Blob gift, I've received the email confirming my order, but I haven't received any other emails regarding Santa Blob!

If you're not receiving our Santa Blob emails, please check your spam or 'promotions' folder for our emails. Make sure you have and added to your address book. You can also contact for help.

We don't send out tons, but we email everyone on our Santa Blob list with important updates or needs.

Other info is shared on our social media, so please keep an eye out there as well. You can find Santa Blob on Facebook at @SantaBlobber and on Instagram at @SantaBlob.

What if I ordered more than one gift - how do they ship and what do I put under the tree?

All Santa Blob gifts are individually wrapped and will be shipped in a box. The actual wrapped gifts are inside, so you can open the shipping box to put the gift under the tree (or into hiding!). If you ordered more than one, they'll be inside the same shipping box. There will be instructions on the shipping box to guide you.

If you ordered different types of gifts, they will be marked so you know which is which size.

We don't include anything else in the shipping box except the gift, so there won't be a packing slip showing a price or other order information if it's being shipped directly to friends or family.

Do the gifts come with gift tags I can fill in?

No! The gifts have tags, but are filled in from Corgli to the gift recipient (the name it is shipped to), or the name(s) given when ordering.

Because there are lots of gifts to put together and ship, Corgli cannot add any personalized messages on the tags, so if you’ve asked for something other than a name, please don’t be disappointed when it’s not been done.

If this is a surprise for someone, will they know what it is by seeing the shipping box?

Yes. They'll know. The packaging will indicate it's from Corgli and that it's a Santa Blob package... and will say the recipient's name (the 'ship to' name on your Santa Blob order), but there is no packing slip showing any order info - just the gift. If it's a surprise, we recommend shipping it somewhere else where prying eyes can't see!

I’ve ordered multiple gifts, but they are for different people. How do I let you know which gift belongs to whom?

When you ordered, you could leave us a note on the View Cart page with the names of who should receive which gift. If you forgot to do this, please contact us, or reply to your order confirmation email, with your order number and the names each gift is to be tagged with. If we don’t have any different names, we will tag all the gifts to the name they’re being shipped to.

When will I receive my Santa Blob gifts?

We ship out Santa Blob gifts in time for you to receive them before December 25th. The person that purchased the gift(s) will receive an email with a tracking link once their order has shipped.

We have a lot of gifts to ship, so they will be shipped in batches and not everyone will receive them at the same time

I saw you posted on Facebook/Instagram that Santa Blob gifts have started to ship, but I’ve not received mine yet?!

Please be patient - it’s coming! As there are lots of gifts for our minions to package and ship, they will ship in batches. As long as you’ve been receiving our updates via email, you should receive your gift in time for December 25th.

My Santa Blob gift shipped but I’ve still not received it!

We ship using USPS, and as it’s the holidays, shipping may be a little slower than normal. Please check the tracking link in the shipping confirmation email for updates. You should also receive an email once it’s been delivered.

I got an email saying my Santa Blob gift was delivered, but I don’t have it!

There can be a few reasons why you may not think your package has been delivered when you’ve been told it was.

  • On some occasions, for whatever reason, USPS might mark an item as delivered when it’s not. Wait till the next day and if it’s still not there try the following.
  • If you live with other people, ask them if anyone picked it up and put it somewhere you didn’t see.
  • If you live in an apartment block, it may not fit in your mailbox, so check with your neighbors in case they picked it up for you.
  • If none of the above apply, check with your local USPS office in case there was a problem and they are holding it for you.
  • If you’ve tried the suggestions above and still can’t find it, contact us as soon as possible and we can look into it.
I ordered a Regular and a Mega gift but the gift boxes are the same size? Is that right?

The gift types are not reflective of the size of the gift, but to the value of the gift. Each year we create new items just for Santa Blob and so you may receive one thing or several things as part of each gift type. If you ordered multiple of the same gift, it is likely you will receive the same items multiple times.

When I opened my Santa Blob gift, it was damaged. Can I get a replacement?

While all Santa Blob sales are final, if you opened your gift and all or some of it was damaged, email asap with your order number and a photo of the damaged item. While replacement of damaged or faulty items may or may not be available depending on quantities produced, we will make sure you’re taken care of.

Does Santa Blob happen every year? If I missed this year, will I get another chance?

Yes! Santa Blob is so much fun! This is the sixth year we've done it, and it will definitely be available again next year. Make sure you’re on Corgli’s email list so you don’t miss out in 2022!

Why are you so strict about Santa Blob and why is there so much to read before I order?

Santa Blob is our biggest and busiest time of the year, so it’s important you know how it works before you order. It's vital that everything run smoothly so Corgli’s minions can get all the gifts made and shipped out in time for December 25th!

The rules also ensure that Santa Blob is a surprise for everyone when they open their gifts. If you open and post about what your gift is prior, it ruins the fun for everyone - and you’ll end up on Corgli’s naughty list!

What if my address changes before you ship or I won’t be at my normal address for the holidays when they ship?

Don’t worry, we’ll send out an email asking you to let us know if anything has changed before we start shipping. Or you can contact us any time, or reply to your order confirmation email, to let us know if your shipping address has changed since you ordered. Remember to include your order number, and one of the blobby minions will update your order for you!