Santa Blob Hub 2020

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Some production delays that are out of our control are affecting our planned shipping schedule. We've reformatted the workload to accommodate for this as best as we can, but it means that instead of shipping out gifts across a few weeks, we'll be doing it all in a few days. We'll do as much prep work as possible to make this happen. While the gifts will ship out prior to the USPS deadline, we cannot guarantee, especially in this year with covid and other mail concerns, that the USPS will deliver in time. We apologize in advance if your gift arrives late and appreciate the understanding as we try our best to navigate things this year.
Because of the changes, we likely will be printing shipping labels in advance. This means that you'll receive an email with your shipping confirmation before the gift actually goes out. Please hold onto the email and we'll be keeping everyone updated on when the tracking numbers should work. They won't be live until the gifts are actually with the USPS.