Broccoli Challenge - April 2018

Broccoli Challenge - April 2018

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Welcome to the 2018 April Broccoli Challenge!

A fun, silly Blobby way to commit to something you'd like to do consistently for the month of March. Tons of broccoli was grown in January, some was grown in February and March, so here's to another month's challenge! Corgli and CC are working on building out more fun productivity tools that'll be available later!

Find value in these activities? This is a free download. However, the option to pay $1-$3 dollars as a tip or donation is available. (Please choose the free option if you are international due to VAT taxes)


1. "Purchase," download, and print out your Broccoli Garden. (Once you purchase, you'll be emailed a link to download the file. Email me at if you aren't able to download) Feel free to color it if you'd like! (All but the broccolis and the broccoli rating, of course!)

2. Write your name with an apostrophe 's' above "Broccoli Garden" in the sign. (e.g.: Corgli's Broccoli Garden)

3. In the blank garden sign, write out what kind of Broccoli Garden you're growing. This is the thing you're committing to for the challenge. (See below for further details on this.)

4. Every day that you complete the task, color in the corresponding broccoli! Skip the days you do not complete the task. (Starts Friday, April 6th)

5. Participate in Broccoli Garden check-ins in the Blob Society group! (Optional of course! Group requires approval if not already a member)

6. At the end of the challenge, you'll receive further instructions on how to fill in your Broccoli Rating for your Broccoli Garden. Leave it blank for now.

7. Happy gardening!


Broccoli Garden details:

The thing you choose for your Broccoli Garden should be:

1. Something you want to do everyday that you either don't currently do at all or don't currently do consistently.

2. Either something you want to do each day or something you want to NOT do each day. (e.g.: "15 min walk" vs "No sodas")

2. Something measurable. ("Exercise more" is not measurable. "Exercise for 20 mins" is. "Eat less sugar" is not measurable. "No desserts" is.)

3. Realistically, it should be something not too difficult to do, but still not something you could fix by just super easily. How much you want this to stretch you is up to you.