Corgli Store Operations

Here is a chart to explain how Corgli runs Corgli Store at this time.
He has carefully picked some vendors to help him produce blobby things for all of you!
But because he has to do it this way, it affects how your orders get to you.
PLEASE NOTE, Corgli Store items shipped by The Blob & Co generally have a wait time involved as CC and Corgli are often running around going to shows around the country! We appreciate your patience!
Here is a list of what Corgli Store items you'll get directly from Corgli
and what Corgli Store items you'll get from one of his blobby vendors.


Corgli Store Vendor A  Vendor B
Tees Mugs
*Items in italics are still in the testing phase!


Corgli thanks you so much for understanding as he builds his shop from ground up!
Everything you purchase from Corgli Store helps him grow his ventures and keep blobbing and sharing his blobbiness.
Ok. So that's that. Now go check out the shop!